How to get rid of a cold? Fastest way to get rid of a cold.

How to escape from the cold quickly or how to get rid of a cold?

It often happens that motorists and people working in the open air , go astray or can not get off the ground and they have to face the cold. Here's what you need to know about frostbite starting from treating small pain at the tip of the nose and ending the prevention of such a case.

How do you get rid of a cold or Signs of frostbite
Superficial frostbite(1 degree) is the lightest and fast. Usually the skin becomes unresponsive and white. Cheeks, nose and ears are the most superficial frostbite . When the affected area warms up, perhaps, the skin will blister and climb round.
How can I get it?

How to get rid of a cold overnight
Peel the skin and blisters after rewarming is characterized by first category frostbite ( II degree frostbite) it is more serious case. Frostbite -loss of body tissues caused by freezing. Skin freezes more than superficial frostbite( I degree), but not so deep to lose the ability to regenerate. Frostbite - an attempt to keep the body warm by disabling circulation. Unfortunately, while you have something to be frozen, you do not even know about it because of the loss of sensitivity.

Some information on the supercooling
The human body was designed to operate at an internal temperature of 36,4 C. The defervescence of 2.2 degrees is almost invisible from the outside but can be sufficient for a person to be killed. Doctors say that the body temperature below 34,4 C may stop the heart.
Fastest way to get rid of a cold:
The weakest stage of supercooling is simply defined as the low temperature of body which starts around 35,9 C. Symptoms of supercooling include shivering, slow pulse, lethargy and a general reduction of activity. If the body temperature is too low, muscles become wooden and may lose consciousness.
The fall in the icy pond would cause supercooling in less than an hour, but most cases are caused by prolonged exposure to cold. Elderly people are particularly susceptible to supercooling because their bodies do not regulate temperature effective.

What should you do to keep warm or best ways to get rid of a cold:
1.Hide from the wind
Of course, it would be good to hide from the elements in a warm place. But, if this is not possible, at least go away from the wind. Piercing cold winds greatly contribute to frostbite.
2. Use your warm
If you can not come to a room , you can use your own body heat, for example, to warm the fingers and hands, stick them under the arms. If you roll up, you also will have more energy.
3.Do not rub with snow
Rubbing snow causes friction of the skin plus if you are wet you will lose more heat.
4.Do not soak your body
The heat loss is very increased by contact with water

First aid
How to get rid of a cold? Fastest way to get rid of a cold.
You should get the person to a doctor as soon as possible and before you must do following steps:

Move person to a warmer place;

wrap it in a blanket:

give the victim warm drinks, but not alcohol: Alcohol causes a false sense of warmth

Think before you warm. "Do not use a dry, radiant heat source, such as a heating lamp or fire, if your skin is frostbitten. Frostbitten skin can easily burn, this is quickest way to get rid of a cold
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